Preparing for Your ATPL Exams using Bristol’s question bank – BGSonline

If you’re on the journey to becoming a professional pilot in the United Kingdom or under the EASA authority, you know that success in your ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) exams is crucial. These exams are demanding and require extensive knowledge. That’s where BGSonline comes into play. This comprehensive question bank is a valuable resource to help you ace your ATPL exams. It can also help you with your CPL (Commercial Pilot License), IR (Instrument Rating), and PPL (Private Pilot License) exams. Here’s why BGSonline is your best companion on the path to aviation success.

Regularly updated Question Bank and Exam Feedback

Thanks to feedback from users of the BGS question bank, we are continually updating our question bank which is specifically designed for the UK CAA and EASA theory exams.

EASA is rapidly incorporating questions into the ECQB at an unprecedented rate. What sets BGSonline apart from other question banks is its strong association with Bristol Groundschool (BGS), UK & Europe leading ATPL theory school. BGS is the largest provider of ATPL study material in the UK & Europe, making the Bristol question bank the preferred choice for thousands of exam candidates across the continent. Many of these candidates actively contribute to the question bank by providing valuable exam feedback. This ensures that BGS are the first to receive information about newly introduced questions in exams. Combined with the fact that the explanations are authored by the industry’s top specialist instructors at BGS, BGSonline stands out as the go-to question bank for aviation schools and exam candidates.

Tailored Study Experience

With BGSonline, you have the power to customise your study experience. You can filter questions by subject, topic, or keyword. This level of flexibility allows you to focus on the areas where you need the most improvement whilst the detailed explanations and illustrations provided by BGS subject matter experts help you understand the content thoroughly.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice is the key to success in any exam, and BGSonline understands that. You can generate unlimited customised mock exams to test your knowledge and build confidence. This feature is invaluable in preparing for the real deal. The question bank is designed to help students understand why an answer is correct and how the correct answer is reached, giving the student the ability to answer any question faced in exam conditions

Track Your Progress

BGSonline doesn’t just provide questions; it also helps you track your progress. Knowing how you’re doing in various subjects and topics is essential for effective study. With progress tracking, you can pinpoint areas that need more attention.

New and Useful Features

BGSonline continues to innovate and enhance its offerings. Some of the new features include

  • Filter by last 100-300 questions added and seen in exams.  Use this filter to get the latest questions in the subjects you are studying.
  • Last seen in exams filter, allowing candidates to exclude questions that have not been seen in exams recently.
  • Filter by exam authority is another useful feature to refine your study materials. 

Plus, you can mark questions as “seen in exam,” to filter questions reported in your authority’s exam.

In conclusion, if you’re serious about acing your ATPL exams, BGSonline is an indispensable resource. With its extensive question bank, real exam feedback, customisation options, and progress tracking, it’s your key to exam success. 

Good luck in your aviation journey!