After using the site for a while you will develop your own method of using the features. The best advice when first starting out is to set aside some time to explore!

Here are some quick video guides covering the main pages you’ll find in BGSonline:

The Dashboard

The Exams Page

Flagged Questions



How to I change the exam I will see questions for?

If you received your BGSonline subscription with a course purchased for ATPdigital, the questions in the site will automatically be set to match your syllabus.

If you have purchased a stand-alone subscription for the question bank, you can choose the licence type you are studying for yourself. To do this go to your My Profile page, which is accessed from the dropdown in the top right-hand corner of the Dashboard page:

Your current active exam will be displayed under your Personal Details to the left of the My Profile page.

To change the exam click Edit:

and then select the exam you wish to study from the dropdown at the bottom before clicking Update to save your choice.

How do I submit feedback or a question?

If you have a query about any of the questions in the bank or if you have feedback following one of your exams, you can click the Feedback button in the bottom right of the screen to submit this to us.

If your query is about one of the questions in the bank, please ensure you include the Question ID or a screenshot of the question. The Question ID can be found in the top right-hand corner of the question:

Alternatively, you can email this to [email protected] and we will forward it to one of our SMEs from there.

How do I reset my progress?

You can reset a subject on the Dashboard page by going to the Subject Progress graph

Choose which subject you want to reset using the dropdown to the left and then click on RESET PROGRESS to clear out all of your previous attempts at questions within the subject

This will delete all of your previous tests taken in the subject and will give you a fresh start when using the filters on the Practice Questions page